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The Desert HeART series is from my direct experiences of exploring and quietly observing the Mojave desert landscape. Stories accompany the work, as it’s important to me to share the miracles of the unique plants and animals that have sparked my wonder and imagination by revealing their details and secrets with me. From the fragrance of the wet earth when it first rains, to the call of a quail, or the absolute silence of a vista that stretches to the horizon, I want to give the viewer a sensory experience and an intimate window to the desert ecosystem.

I use my own photography as reference, and radiant bright acrylic colors to uplift the spirit.


All my work is framed.  It’s important that my paintings have a beautiful matching frame to complete the work. Now that I have a woodshop, I enjoy crafting frames with unique finishes and materials.

A number of my works have distinctive cedar and tumbled glass frames made by Artist Paul Samenfeld of Wrightwood, Ca.

Click here to check out a time-lapse video of a my painting titled "Tower of Flower".  I talk about my painting technique and tips for those interested in painting realistic details of nature. Satisfying to watch start to finish! 

*I accept payment plans for original pieces. Click here to view payment plan and make your first deposit!

** I do accept commissions if they are in alignment with my style. Contact me here. 

desert heart series

medium & small series

mystical realism

small dimensional series

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