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***Every original painting sold comes with Provenance documentation***

What is Provenance?

From the French word, provenir, meaning “to come from,” provenance proves the history of ownership of a specific piece of art. As well, provenance is the documentation that authenticates a particular piece of art. These documents outline details like the work's creator, artist’s interpretation. history, and appraisal value.


Provenance establishes an item's collectible significance beyond what it would otherwise appear to have. A piece with interesting provenance might tell a story of fortunes made and lost, famous owners, and remarkable epochs in history. Sometimes the provenance of a piece can be just as interesting as the piece itself!

Along with enjoying and resonating with the imagery, I want my patrons to know that my art has an established history of value. This piece appreciates approximately $50 per year in value from the date of sale or gift.

Whether this piece is passed down in a family or gifted to others, the provenance paperwork should stay with the piece to protect your investment.

Thank you for supporting my art! - Jen


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